We’re serious when we tell you we’re all about plants. But that’s not to say we don’t compliment them with a few other things!



We stock a large range of compost and will advise you which is best for you. Prices start at 4 for £10 on our Soil Improver, most composts are included in our 3 for £12 deal.


problem solving

Whether its a bug or a disease, we’ll try to help. The days are gone where there’s a cure for everything, so sometimes prevention is the only way, and we’ll tell you how…


fertilisers and fungi

Times are changing, and now we recommend root fungi as much as fertilisers, as a way of getting your plants off to the best start!



Look no further! Plastic, terracotta, fibreclay, concrete, all manner of different shapes and sizes, from teeny weeny up to pots you could live in!


An a-z of gardening needs…

Too many items to list, from trowels and trimmers, to seeds and secateurs.

From hanging baskets and horticultural fleece, to stakes, ties and trellis.

If you need it for your plants, we’ll have it in stock!

Gardening begins with daybreak and ends with backache.