Then maybe we can help you!


If you’re planning a wedding, anniversary….or any party for that matter, we’re happy to provide a cost effective and hassle free way of dressing that special day up, with our trees, shrubs and greenery.

That special day can be very costly and many companies capitalise on the stress and worry by charging top dollar for providing plants to dress up the day.

We can deliver…and collect….a wide range of plants on a rental basis, so that you don’t have to go to the full cost of buying everything outright. You simply come and select the items you want, and we’ll do the rest!

There are a few conditions to our rental service (for instance we’d need you to water them!), and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you in person if you’re looking to make that special day, as perfect as possible. Call Gary or Ian on 01858 530787 and we’ll take the stress away for you to concentrate on the bigger things!