We love our plants. Over the years, our 3.5 acres of land has changed from ‘we’ll never need all this space’, to ‘where’s it all going to go’?

Our passion for plants means every square inch of the nursery is filled with stock for you plant lovers out there.

And so it is with Paeonias. With a ridiculously large range to choose from that’s very difficult to say ‘NO’ to, we’ve had to do exactly that, and come up with a humble 40 or 50 varieties that leaves Garden Centres in the shade.

So our Gallery is here to show you the length, width and breadth of our range, and our (very reasonable) prices. We’re pretty confident that we guarantee to be cheaper than anyone else you will find.

The prices listed below are our BARE ROOT PRICES and apply only while the stock is available for collection bare rooted (no pot, no soil) in October. After this time we pot all of our roots into pots for the following season, and there will be a small increase in price to reflect this.

So, if there is something you fancy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to send you a list of all the above varieties if you use our ‘Contact Us’ page, or email directly to ian@theplantman.net. We have limited numbers of nearly every variety, some in quantities of only 25 for the year……

If you contact us between March and August you’re sure to get hold of exactly what you want, as it gives us time to forward order from our growers.

If you order/enquire between September and February then all our stock is already ordered, and we are limited to the numbers we already have; so it’s very much first come, first served!