There are so many thousands of varieties of roses out there, we’ve tried to narrow our range down to something approaching 250 varieties, and covering all the different types you may need.

Our list of varieties below represent our 100% full range, so they will not be available all year round. Our stock arrives to us October & November and that’s the only stock we have for the forthcoming season….once it’s gone, it’s gone and will then be unavailable until the following Autumn when we start all over again!

We include this gallery because, as they say, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. For a full spreadsheet please email us at, and you can send this back to us if you’d like to place an order.

Our prices are good. In fact, they’re really great. We’re not greedy and we like to move stock quickly. We don’t buy substandard roses. We buy top grade stock, from many growers, and we buy thousands of them.

But we come in at way less than half of many of the 'established’ websites. You’ll have to trust us, dip your toes in the water, and we’re convinced you’ll never look back!

So here goes….


our miniature & patio range

So, let’s be completely transparent here…..what does ‘From £3.50’ mean?

Well, we sell all our roses in Autumn as bare root plants. This way it gives you the cheapest prices because we don’t have to pot them up!

We offer 2 price points…..if you want to buy just one rose, then there’s an individual price per rose.

But if you want to put your own collection of (any) ten or more roses, you basically save a little on each plant.

So, when we say ‘From £3.50’, that’ll be one of our £4.00 roses as part of a 10-or-more collection of your choice. If you buy less than ten, the price will be £4.00 for that rose.

After the bare root season, whatever is left is potted into individual pots, priced accordingly, then sold through the nursery until it sells out.

So….to summarise….the cheapest prices that we advertise here will be buying them bare root (October to December), and if you buy 10 or more of your choice.

Hope that makes sense? Good! Then we’ll continue to the next group of roses….

mum in a million.jpg

hybrid teas

Like ‘Mum in a Million’…one of our best sellers!

So that’s the Hybrid Teas. I think this is a good time to tell you how much you can save compared to the more established sellers….

We know we offer good value for money, because we think this is what keeps people coming back to us. But nevertheless, we always like to do our research and make doubly sure we’re still offering value.

We never set out to be the cheapest…..because there’ll always be someone cheaper than us. But if we can offer our plants at significant savings, then we’re happy.

Check these links out and we hope you’ll agree….

Our ‘Nostalgia’ rose starts at £3.50 as part of a 10 rose mix at bare root season. It’s a beautiful bicoloured rose with lovely fragrance. Check out these price comparisons….

We hope you’ll agree, we can save you an awful lot of money with no sacrifice to the quality of plants you’ll receive.

So, our next group of roses are recommended for flower power……lots and lots of roses per stem, these are the Floribundas. Read on!

rosefloribundajoie - Copy.jpg

the floribundas

Like ‘Joie de Vivre’, a little beauty!

So, if you’re looking for roses with plenty of flower power, the Floribundas might very well be up your street.

The next group of roses harks back to a long gone era, some of these roses were bred in the 1700’s and 1800’s, but still survive to this day. Take a look at them and you’ll soon understand why.

roseferdinandpichard - Copy.jpg

the old roses

Still pretty wonderful though

As you can see, breeders like David Austin owe an awful lot to the true old roses, to breed new, wonderful varieties which have all the charm of these stunning plants.

Next, probably our most popular group of roses, the Climbers. Now everybody has a wall, fence, pergola….something vertical for one or two of these plants.

times past.jpg

climbing roses

Fill your walls with scent and colour!

Have we completely bamboozled you yet?! There are so many different roses you can try, each with their own unique characteristics, but the only way to choose….if you’re not already sure… to come and pay us a visit.

We pride ourselves on having great knowledge here. Now we don’t know everything….gardening isn’t like that!….but we’ll always do our best to try and guide you in the right direction, if we don’t know the answer immediately.

So now you’ve seen our Climbers, it’s time we introduced you to our Ramblers…..


rambling roses

Subtly different to the Climbers

We’re often asked the difference between Climbers and Ramblers, so here are the main key points to consider…

  • Ramblers tend to be more vigorous, so should not be placed where space is limited. There are one or two much less vigorous ramblers, but most will get a lot bigger than climbers.

  • Ramblers tend to flower once, in one monumental display. Again, there are now some newer varieties which do show some capacity to repeat flower.

  • Ramblers tend to flower on old wood, so it’s vital you prune them correctly (otherwise you’ll take all the flowering wood away)…we can help you with this.

  • Climbers tend to have bigger flowers, and tend to offer far more fragrance.

  • Ramblers can show more susceptibility to mildew particularly if they are in shade (all roses are always best in the sunniest spot available)

  • If you want to cover a large wall or fence, you could use either.

  • If you want a rose to grow on a trellis, or up a pergola post, or on an obelisk, use a climber (and we’d strongly recommend the types called Pillar Roses and Patio Climbers, again we can advise you on these)

  • If you want to grow a rose through a tree, use a rambler (and make sure its vigorous).

Does that all make sense? Good! Then here are a few ramblers we’ll have coming in for the Autumn…

So, onto our last section of roses, which kind of scoops up all the other varieties we sell. A huge part of this section is what we’d call our ‘Modern Shrub’ roses, very similar to the astonishing roses bred by the late David Austin. His talent and passion for roses has given us some incredible new varieties, and are joined by a whole host of other breeders who maybe don’t have quite the exposure that ‘David Austin Roses’ have in the UK and the world.

We unfortunately no longer stock David Austin roses, as they don’t quite fit with our pricing structure. We love them, but at £25 per plant, we saw a heavy drop in their popularity and we’re always looking for roses which carry the same classical beauty…..but at a fraction of the price. And boy, we’ve got some cracking varieties coming for the Autumn season! Read on….


our ‘other’ roses

Like the wonderful ‘St. Ethelburga’