A satisfied customer....we should have him stuffed!
— John Cleese

We’re not going to tell you anything you haven’t already heard before….but we do mean it!

We think three things set us apart from any of the other places you’ve ever bought plants from. Three, really really simple things….


our team

Without them, there is no business. It’s really important to us that you’re given the help you need, when you need it. Now our team isn’t huge, so we also offer help via our Contact page and also via Facebook….if you’d like to ask us from the comfort of your own home.

Customers long to interact with - even relate to - employees who act like there is still a light on inside.
— Chip Bell

our knowledge (it’s vast)

It’s no longer easy to get an immediate answer to a question, in ANY industry, let alone one which spans the natural world. We get as many questions about bugs as we do about plants! Now we’re not perfect, but we have a combined knowledge of over 70 years industry experience between us. We know our onions and we love to help. (Sorry ladies, no need for Alan here). But seriously, there are very few gardening questions we can’t give you a steer on straight away, more than can be said for many Garden Centres these days!

Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That’s the fun of them. You’re always learning.
— Helen Mirren

value for money

We’re not the cheapest, because we want to sell you the best. But you’ll find nowhere else to offer you the range of plants we offer, at the prices we offer them, with the expertise that goes hand in hand with being passionate about our plants. We want you to come back again and again, knowing that whatever you buy is going to succeed. We’ll help you make that happen.