As we’ve grown in size, our range of plants has become wider….larger…..and taller!

So rest assured that when you fall in love with that 12 foot Himalayan Birch or the pot that’s big enough to accommodate a family of 4, we’ll get it to you! We charge from £7.50 for local deliveries, our rate increases based on your location.

Deliveries are carried out by Glenn, Gary or Ian…..we take a pride in delivering stock carefully, you can rest assured you won’t be greeted by a grumpy delivery man who was off sick for the good manners class at school!

We deliver to all areas within 15 miles of us, twice a week*. After 15 miles, we quote £1 per mile delivery. Call us on 01858 530787 for a delivery quote if you are outside our 15 mile radius.

One delivery charge covers all….whether you have 1 tree or 3, one bag of compost or a whole pallet!

So you should never have to wait more a few days for the delivery of your precious plants, pots or anything else that takes your fancy at The Plant Man!

We regret that due to potential damage, we never ship stock using other delivery methods.

*Heavy items requiring two-person lift may be subject to a delivery day outside of our standard routes.