Good old fashioned service….we insist on it!


The Plant Man was started by Ian Colledge, who has enjoyed working outside with plants ever since childhood. Leaving school at 15, he started out in horticulture, working through the government YTS scheme….and loved every minute of it. Cycling to his local nursery for a Saturday job sparked a lifelong love of the industry, although his choice of vocation didn’t go down so well with his careers advisers at school, nor with his schoolfriends! (it’s hardly cool to love gardening at the age of 13, is it?)

After 2 years YTS came 2 further years at College, then a lot of jobs in lots of different Garden Centres, learning plenty about plants, and a little bit about business.

Ian has always had a brilliant memory for anything to do with plants. He can also talk all day long about food.

Alas, his memory is rather shocking when it comes to anything else.

10 years ago The Plant Man was started while Ian was working full time at another Garden Centre.

It grew quickly and soon enough, The Plant Man became the Plant Men…


….when joined by his twin brother Gary (the very same twin brother who liked to tell everyone at school that ‘Ian likes to play with flowers’….)

The Plant Man now has a small - but amazing - team of staff, all working towards the same goal of offering great service, and making sure that if you ask a question about plants, more often than not you’ll get an immediate answer. And if they don’t know the answer straight off the cuff, they’ll find someone who does.

You just don’t seem to find that in many Garden Centres these days, do you?